Henderson Executive Airport Flight School

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7 Days a Week ~ 8am to 5pm
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Choosing the right place to learn to fly is a difficult choice whether you are learning to fly for fun or for a career. We understand each of our student pilots is an individual and has specific needs. You will receive a primary instructor that will be responsible for personally guiding you through your flying lessons, using the Jeppesen flight training syllabus and unique tools. We'll build a schedule that's convenient for you. We offer courses for your private and commercial certificates as well as your instrument rating.

  • Our aircraft are exceptionally well maintained, airworthy, and clean.
  • We are located in the beautiful southwest with America's Best Flying Weather.
  • We have flexible scheduling and reasonable rates.

Take a discovery flight!
Your Discovery Flight takes you and a Certified Flight Instructor on an approximately 30-minute-long flight to familiarize you with the airplane, the airport and the general awe of taking the controls of an aircraft for the first time, thousands of feet above the earth.

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